Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pilot Season

Of all the qualities exhibited by Capt. Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger -- grace under pressure, impeccable honesty, all-around humility and niceness -- you can add good timing.  If you're going to heroically ditch a plane in the Hudson River, you may as well do it in early January, when you can rack up invitations to the presidential inauguration, Super Bowl, (don't-call-it-a) State of the Union address, and, perhaps strangest of all, Vanity Fair's Oscar party.  I find it incredibly endearing (if unsurprising) that at a party attended by world-famous movie stars, Sully was hanging out with Buzz Aldrin.  

(Incidentally, how did Buzz Aldrin get himself invited to a post-Oscar party?  Was he just there so Sully would have someone to talk to?)

Also, apparently Sacha Baron Cohen, Seth Rogen, Jason Segal, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, et al were standing off to the side cracking jokes all night.  What the hell?  Do people not record video at these events?

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