Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Home Stretch

Earlier today, I got a robocall from Kal Penn telling me to vote for Obama. I suppose it's conceivable that stoner movie fans will be the key demographic on Tuesday, but I'm not sure how my household ended up on the phone list. Now if Neil Patrick Harris had called, I would have done whatever he told me to, even if it were a write-in vote for Lenin's corpse.

Meanwhile, Hagar the Horrible has either (a) endorsed Obama, or (b) abandoned punchlines in favor of bleak examinations of the self-delusions created by people facing their impending deaths. If it's the latter, I would usually find it depressing, except I have a sneaking suspicion that tomorrow Hagar will be coming home late from the bar or playing golf or other such hilarious Viking hijinks.

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