Friday, November 14, 2008

Nothin' But a Number

After recently stumbling across Sabrina and My Fair Lady on TCM, I wondered: has Audrey Hepburn ever had an on-screen love interest who was close to her own age? Let's look at the statistics!
  • Humphrey Bogart (Sabrina): +30 years
  • Fred Astaire (Funny Face): +30 years
  • Cary Grant (Charade): +25 years
  • Rex Harrison (My Fair Lady): +21 years
  • Gregory Peck (Roman Holiday): +13 years
  • William Holden (Sabrina): +11 years
  • George Peppard (Breakfast at Tiffany's): +1 year
  • Sean Connery (Robin and Marian): -1 year
I was surprised to see that George Peppard was only a year older than Hepburn, possibly because I automatically picture the gray-haired Hannibal Smith of The A-Team. Also, Hepburn had a nine-year absence from the screen between Wait Until Dark and Robin and Marian; during that time, she apparently reached some mystical age where she could star opposite actors who were (gasp!) younger than she. It's almost as though Hollywood's idea of romance is based on creepy sexual double standards or something.

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