Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Double Feature

A couple of recent developments in movie-watching options that I just became aware of:
  • The film website The Auteurs curates a monthly "film festival," which consists of a selection of Criterion titles. Which are available to stream to your computer. For free. May's almost over, but if you hurry you can catch a half-dozen essential documentaries.
  • Those of you living in Delco might be interested in Cinema 16:9, a new movie theater/video rental that somehow snuck into Lansdowne recently. There are a coupld of drawbacks: the schedule of films seems to focus on recent DVD releases, and 35mm snobs will probably not approve, but on the other hand, it's not like repertory houses are a dime a dozen in this (or any) economy.
(While I'm on the subject of movies, I'll mention that The Room is screening for free this Saturday at Space 1026 in Philadelphia. Be there with your spoons and footballs, and don't forget to study up on the rules.)

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