Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lost on the Lonely Island

Does anyone else think that Justin Timberlake, when he's in his "Dick in a Box"/"Mother Lover" costume, looks exactly like Dominic Monaghan?

While I'm on the subject of Lost cast members: I finally watched Werner Herzog's Rescue Dawn this weekend.  That's a really good movie, and Jeremy Davies manages to steal scenes from Christian Bale like his name's Heath Ledger.   There's a lot of disturbing stuff in that film (as one would expect from a tale of POWs who are tortured and starved before escaping into a jungle that's even harsher than their prison camp), but the thing that stuck with me the most was the sight of Mr. Davies without his shirt on, looking like he weighs all of 45 pounds.  On top of that, Pierre Chang turns up in a small role, too.  (Not Lost-related, but interesting nonetheless: one of the movie's producers is Sixers forward Elton Brand.)

If I may point out the obvious, I'm totally geeked about a certain season finale airing tomorrow night, to the point where I'm considering liveblogging it.

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