Monday, October 1, 2007

Fitter, Happier, More Productive

Fans of the Phillies and Radiohead are sure to be pleased after last weekend, when both organizations announced their return to either postseason baseball or record releasing. And perhaps to make up for the 4-year delay since their last LP, they'll be releasing the new one thrice: as a price-negotiable download, then as a super deluxe, super expensive record/CD combo, and finally as a boring ol' CD.

Despite my luddite tendencies, I might actually spring for the digital download, not just because it's out in a mere matter of days, but because Radiohead is one of maybe three or four current bands from whom I will gladly volunteer my money when they come out with a new CD. And even with my fandom, it's hard to imagine me being this intrigued if the band had gone the usual "announce the new CD, then release it a few months later" route.

Finally, between this and In Our Bedroom After the War, it's nice to see that some corners of the music world are taking an innovative tack to prevent leaks. If only the rest of the industry were paying a little more attention.

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