Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Music Notes

So I know who Robert Christgau is and why he's a big deal in rock critic circles, but I never really read much of his writing. The first paragraph of his first entry in Slate's annual Music Club, though, has pretty much made me a fan:
Let's get this party started quickly. Journey sucks. They sucked in 1981, they'll suck in 2033, and they suck now. Who gives a fuck what Tony Soprano thinks?

Truer words were never spoken.

I'm in awe of Christgau's best-of-the-year list; the dude is 65 years old. I hope that when I'm old enough to start getting a social security check I'm still hip enough to keep my ears open to the likes of M.I.A., Against Me!, and Hyphy Hitz (not that I'm even that hip now, but you get the idea).


I've been so caught up in the gossipy tales of the crazy cop-punching news anchor and the pregnant teenage D-list younger sister of an even more fucked up C-lister that I've been mostly oblivious to all of the other notable personalities who are assaulting police officers and getting knocked up. Well, not so much the first one. But I just learned that Lily Allen is expecting, news which gave me the same sinking feeling you get when you find out that the person you had a crush on all through high school is now happily married. Oh, Lily! I knew I should have asked you to the prom!

Also, a woman who used to be a staffer for John Edwards is pregnant. This apparently has the makings of a HUGE STORY, if you tell it while winking your eye and nodding suggestively at the proper moments.


Since I seem to have abandoned writing about anything that relates to music, I may as well share my immense joy that Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg's long-awaited tome, is actually going to be released soon. The fine folks at Sadly, No! have gotten their hands on a leaked copy of the work. Their conclusion:
Is there even a word for this? Reading this book is like watching a flaming piano fall out of an airplane and land in a puppy farm.

Oh boy! It's even better than I was expecting!

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