Friday, December 28, 2007

An Open Letter to Whomever Is In Charge

Well, I've almost made it through what is certainly the most annoying week of the year: the seven days between Christmas and New Years Day. Let's be honest -- nobody is paying attention to work this week. There is no other point on the calendar where two major holidays fall so closely together, and as soon as you're starting to recover from the first, you're hit by the second. It's especially bad when they fall in the middle of the work week and you're left with a bizarrely shaped week that leaves you disoriented as to what day it is and whether you have to get up the next morning or not. Someone really needs to follow the lead of the nation's educators and declare the whole week an extended holiday.

Oh, and one more gripe about this week: everyone knows schools are closed. Yet some schools still flash their school zone speed limit signs at the beginning and end of the school day. Of course, there are no children in danger of being run over, so these flashing signs accomplish nothing but present an ethical dilemma. Does a law need to be obeyed even when the situation that made the law necessary does not exist? Fuck if I know, since I'm still half asleep and pissed off that I have to go to work the day after Christmas.

Ah, but there has been one bright spot in my more-annoying-than-usual commute: the posters for There Will Be Blood that seem to be in every bus shelter that I pass. I am, it's safe to say, more than a little excited to see that movie, especially since the critics with whom I most frequently agree are practically orgasmic over it.

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