Saturday, December 1, 2007

News I May Have Missed

Apparently, at some point yesterday I stumbled into a sound-proof chamber and avoided hearing anything about the hostage situation at a Hillary Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire. I only found out about it late last night, long after it had been peacefully resolved. Also fortunate: I missed having to sit through a live feed of the typically moronic statements that must have been uttered on a fairly regular basis during the crisis.

Also, Evel Kneivel died yesterday. I missed that news as well.

My posting this week has been non-existent, but I'm afraid I can't blame that on my visit to a sensory deprivation chamber. The fact is that I have several posts on the mental back-burner, on topics such as TV shows, commercials, and amusing videos (which, I now realize, is really just one topic). I have been stymied, though, by my inability to figure out how to rip video clips from DVDs and upload them to YouTube. We're dealing with cutting-edge stuff here.

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