Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Movie Marketing for Dummies

How does one market a movie that is being released in the early months of the year, traditionally a dumping ground for lousy films? Well, if that movie is The Eye, you send Jessica Alba on The Late Show and have her set up this clip that prominently features her (or, as was revealed after the clip, her body double) stepping out of the shower and pulling on a pair of panties, with some heavy pixelization added to obscure the naughtier bits of her anatomy. I have to admit, there's no better way to tell your potential audience, "OK, so this is yet another generic J-horror remake, complete with a The [One-Syllable Noun] title, but it's got nakedness!!!"

Even so, I'd rather see this at the top of the box office than Meet the Spartans.

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