Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

1. Go to Wikipedia's list of people who died before the age of 30.
2. Read the list of artists, authors, musicians, and other notable people who you have now outlived.
3. Reflect on the fact that you have yet to accomplish anything as lasting as those people did by this point in their lives.

4. If that bums you out, then consider that while you may not have achieved immortality in your time on the planet, you at least managed to avoid being gunned down by the police, catching tuberculosis, or being the victim of a prominent unsolved murder.


abc said...

I feel your pain, and I've had 4 years (post 30) to feel it. It gets worse every year.


Qb_Master said...

That's rather depressing...you're not dead yet. You should live it up while you're here because you're only here once.

How about getting together with friends and having a bbq on your birthday? :)