Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Been a While Since I Used Bullet Points...

  • I never thought that I would look back on the Clinton Body Count as seeming somewhat believable, but that was before I saw the Obama Death List. I can't figure out if this started out as satire and got picked up by the sort of people who thought that New Yorker cover was a photograph, or if it was written by someone who truly believes that the Democratic Presidential nominee was running around Indonesia chopping off heads when he was in grade school. It's gonna be a long, miserable time before November rolls around.
  • I never had much use for Rogert Ebert as a movie critic; he seems to inflate his reviews of middling flicks while unfairly dismissing others, and he has an unfortunate tendency to lapse into schticky writing (I make a distinction between Ebert the reviewer and Ebert the film writer; his two-volume book The Great Movies is excellent, and his Movie Answer Man column is always a worthwhile read). Still, I always enjoyed watching Ebert and Roeper (even when, in recent years, Ebert has been notably absent), so I was saddened to hear that both critics were leaving the show. Ebert's farewell to the program is probably the best send-off his co-hosts, living and deceased, could have hoped for.
  • This is pretty cool; if you go to HBO's website for Generation Kill, select "Troop Drive," and enter your e-mail address, they'll add an item to care packages being sent to Marines stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The items are mostly the sort of things you'd expect Marines to request, like deoderant, Maxim magazines, phone cards and, um, Flight of the Conchords CDs? Hey, whatever. Blondes, not bombs!

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