Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why I Don't Run a Magazine

Can it really be that we are close enough to the end of the year that "Best of 2007" lists are already starting to trickle out? Amazon has released their list of the top books of the year, the American Society of Magazine Editors has listed their best magazine covers, and GQ released the list of their Men of the Year (which is like Time Magazine's similarly-titled honor, but only attractive people are eligible).

The magazine will print three covers, each spotlighting one of the honorees. Looking over the list, I'm really baffled why the editors wouldn't go with cover photos of Brad Bird, Daft Punk, and Josh Marshall. Apparently, they think that Bill Clinton, Daniel Craig, and Kanye West are more likely to sell magazines. Bah. I'd take an animator, blogger, or French robot DJ duo over a president, movie star, or rapper with a Messiah complex any day.

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