Friday, September 28, 2007

An Open Letter to the Philadelphia Phillies

Come on, Phillies, what are you guys doing? It's late September. You're the freaking Phillies. This is the point of the season where you're supposed to be playing just well enough to give us all hope that maybe you'll tie for the wild card or something, only to have us trudge into work on Monday disappointed and trying our hardest to remember what we were doing in 1993. It's a tradition.

You're certainly not supposed to be on top of the NL East. Sportswriters are certainly not supposed to be using the words "historic collapse" to refer to a team from New York.

I don't get it. Is this some cruel new way of toying with our emotions? Because that wouldn't be funny. I haven't stopped believing, though; you guys still aren't mathematically eliminated from sitting out the post-season. If anyone can pull this out, it's you.

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