Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yep, I'm Still a Week Behind

Judging from recent stories about Pitchfork, American Apparel, and Wes Anderson*, I'd say that the Onion is now devoting itself full-time to the tearing down of hipster darlings.

In loosely related Pitchfork-bashing news, this headline at Gawker (via Pandagon) says it all: Pitchfork Has Way More Reviews Written By Guys Named Mark Than By Ladies With Any Name. Maybe that's what drove one female writer to throw around terms like "tampon rock": the only way to get noticed is to draw accusations of misogyny.

*Personally, I like the fact that Wes Anderson flicks are so formulaic. I got into them waiting to see the shot of people diving into a pool, the slow pan over all of the cast members near the end, the slow motion part right before the credits, and the cameos from their usual stable of players.

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