Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And When I Woke Up, My Pillow Was Gone

A strange dream I had the other night: In the wake of a scandal (somehow involving a Mexican restaurant), John Edwards offers me a job as his campaign manager. After some thought, I decline due to the fact that I have absolutely no relevant experience. Edwards responds by announcing his withdrawal from the race.

If I may play Freud for a moment, I'd say the business about the campaign manager is a reflection of my own indecision over whether to apply for a promotion at work and my fear that I would be unprepared for any new responsibilities. The Mexican restaurant scandal is either a metaphor for the immigration issue in the coming election, or nostalgia for the recently-closed Mexican restaurant where I would frequently eat lunch.

The fact that I'm having dreams about presidential candidates this early in the electoral cycle triggered in me the same response I have the first time I see a campaign ad on TV: "Oh, great...I've got to listen to these guys for the next year." I'm uneasy with the idea that every time I fall asleep I might be chased by Joe Biden or Fred Thompson. Unless I dream about riding bumper cars with Barack Obama; that seems like it would be kind of fun.

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