Friday, August 31, 2007

Miscellaneous News

  • The Burning Man Festival was almost ruined when someone burned the man ahead of schedule. It seems to me that an event based around principles like "radical self-expression" and "immediacy," this guy was just carrying those ideals to their extremes. Plus, it's hard to not admire someone whose mug shot looks like this.
  • And finally, I like what I've heard of St. Vincent (her version of "These Days" is characteristically lovely), and I've heard only good things about her debut Marry Me, but what's likely to push me into fandom is the awesome origin of her album title:
My favorite TV show right now and for all time is "Arrested Development". It's the best thing that ever happened to television. I named my album after it.

Pitchfork: I can't believe I never got that reference; "Arrested Development" is possibly my favorite show as well.

[laughs] And you know what? I only named it Marry Me because I thought Babysit Me was a little too awkward.

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