Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Oh, Shit....Oh, Shit

If, some years ago, I had met a time traveler who warned me that in the summer of 2007 I would be bizarrely fascinated by the works of R. Kelly, I would probably have laughed and asked if this future-person had drunk a bit too much space beer. And yet, this is the best thing I've seen all week:

At this point, I have no idea whether R. Kelly was born completely lacking in self-awareness or if he's in on the joke with the rest of us. I'm really excited to see how that poorly-greenscreened helicopter chase works into the action. (Also, I never realized that the cop is played by Omar Little).

It's strange that, while Kelly's music videos are essentially parodies of themselves, there are still some good satires out there. Via Stereogum, here's "Same Dude," a faithful (though lower-budget) take-off on the current Kelly/Usher hit:

Also, there's the oldie-but-goodie "Trapped in the Closet" study guide.

When the whole "Closet" saga began, I came up with the idea of some theater group staging the whole thing as a play, keeping faithful to the original text. As for "Same Girl," just add a laugh track and that could be a sitcom pilot. Here is a good model to follow for upcoming scripts.

Finally, I'm a little confused by the twist at the end of "Same Girl." It seems to me that the girls are either twins who are identical in every way (including their workplace, love of Waffle House, tattoos, and address) or they are deliberately misleading our heroes into thinking there is only one of them. Frankly, Kells, neither of these possibilities is very believable. These kinds of plot holes are the reason that no one cares about M. Night Shyamalan movies anymore. Some free advice: hire Christopher Nolan to co-write your next song, and a few months from now you could be onstage accepting a Best Screenplay Oscar.

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