Monday, August 20, 2007


The question is, do I have a TV-crush on Kristen Bell, or on Veronica Mars? I guess I'll find out this fall, when Ms. Bell joins the cast of Heroes. Instead of talking in hyper-witty high school noir-speak, though, she'll have exposition-heavy, plodding lines in which the word "hero" is certain to appear roughly once per scene. At least she'll be able to reminisce with Milo Vertimiglia about the times when they were on exceptionally well-written shows.

While I'm on the subject of verbose television, I've been watching the first season of The West Wing and, as I was cuing up the DVD to the point where I had last left, I wondered if perhaps the fast-forward on my new laptop* was working properly. A few seconds later, I realized that I was fast-forwarding, and the characters were speaking slightly faster than usual. It's an easy joke, but seriously, take any Aaron Sorkin show, play it at double speed, and you've got an instant parody.

*Did I mention that I got a new laptop? Well, I got a new laptop.

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